DEF Injection Control Systems

  • Monday, 03 January 2022
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DEF Injection Control Systems

DEF injection control systems are a key component in the process of cleaning an engine after diesel fuel dilution. The solution is a mixture of water and urea. The DEF control unit controls the operation of the heaters based on ambient temperatures. During winter months, heaters are installed in the dosing line and the pump to thaw frozen DEF before priming. In the summer months, heaters are used to prevent the fluid from freezing during operation.

Several methods of DEF injection control systems are available. Selective catalytic reduction uses ammonia and DEF to break down pollutants and convert them to water and CO2. This process can produce as much as 90 percent of the pollutants. However, this method does not reduce all emissions and can lead to an increased risk of fires. Some manufacturers do not use this method because of safety concerns. It is not recommended for use in extreme temperatures and may cause explosions or a fire.

Maintaining a DEF injection control system is relatively easy. Most cars have a separate reservoir for DEF. The SCR system has a dedicated valve for the additive, which must be maintained regularly. The replacement of a filter is usually a one-time job. The maintenance intervals are typically measured in years, and DEF filter changes are fast and easy. The SCR system is typically plumbed with high density polyethylene, and the only way to tell if it's in the tank is to periodically check the level on the dashboard.

The SCR system uses an aftertreatment system to reduce the amount of nitrogen oxide emissions produced by diesel engines. The ECM communicates with the DEF control unit, which uses inputs from the ECM and other sensors to manage the operation of the DEF pump assembly and DEF heating system. The DEF quality sensor is located on the side of the DEF tank and detects the concentration of Urea in the DEF. If the concentration of Urea is higher than the acceptable amount, a message called DEF System Error - SEE Dealer will be displayed.

The DEF is delivered in different packages. The most common are jugs and tins. The tiniest jugs are one gallon and 2.5 gallons. Drums are 55-gallon drums, and may be refilled by hand or electric drum pumps. Totes, which have a capacity of 275 or 330 gallons, have pumps mounted on the top or side of the containers.

The DEF injection control system works to reduce the level of nitrogen oxides in an oxidizing atmosphere. The DEF injection control system uses an ammonia-based additive called urea to prevent oxidation and decompose it into water and nitrogen. This solution is also known as AdBlue. Some of the cars in the United States are equipped with this system, while others need additional measures to meet emissions standards.

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