Screw Tip Barrel - The Advantages

  • Monday, 12 July 2021
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Screw Tip Barrel - The Advantages

One of my favorite types of fermenters are the screw lid barrel ones. It's a simple design and effective for fermenting all different types of beer including wheat, ales, lagers and so on. It's a quick and simple way to ferment any kind of beer that you want. If you plan to use it frequently or you like experimenting with different kinds of beers and microbes then the screw lid barrel may be an excellent choice for you. The following paragraphs are going to describe some of the advantages that you may find with these kinds of fermenters.

First, this particular barrel has a spigot located on the bottom of it. Usually, the screw lid barrel is designed with a male and female threaded coupling that leads to a hole on the top of the barrel. You can fill the barrel with beer, sanitizer, fruits, spices, anything you want. The spigot is often covered with a cover to keep the elements out while the beer ferments. When you are finished, simply remove the cover and the spigot and discard.

Second, this kind of barrel has a large hole in the bottom for the spigot to connect to. This large hole also leads to a larger hole in the top of the barrel, which leads to the spigot of the screw lid barrel. However, instead of connecting to the spigot through the bottom of the barrel, it connects to the spigot on top of the barrel. Typically, when you buy these kinds of barrels you will notice that the holes are not very big, maybe only about one or two millimeters in diameter, which is perfect for preventing elements from entering the barrel.

Third, one of the best characteristics of the screw barrels is that they make great home brewers. Because there is no spigot on the bottom, the elements cannot get in your beer until you add the water which naturally ferments. Since there is no spigot, your beer never needs any cleaning, and since the spigot is connected to the bucket, it is always right there, ready to be filled with fresh beer when you are ready to go. Some people like to put a straw through the spigot and into the bucket, but this practice does not have the same effect as the barrel creates a bottleneck where the sediment can mix with the water and cause the fermentation to stop.

Finally, another great characteristic of the screw lid barrels is the price. If you buy a good brand, then the cost per liters is low compared to other brands. For instance, if you buy a twenty-liter paint bucket plastic bucket at your local home supply store for $20, then you should be able to fill a twenty liter barrel with your first batch of beer. If you buy a cheaper brand, then the cost per liter is much higher. Cheaper brands may contain only thirty grams of extract, which means that you will need a hundred or more grams of yeast for each one single bottle of beer. That's quite a bit of extra work, so you'll probably want to choose a screw lid barrel that costs less than the competition.

Another advantage to using a barrel that does not use a spigot is that it eliminates the problem of needing to use messy hosepipe or silicone hose to deliver the beer to the spigot. A screw lid, because it is simply connected to the spigot, eliminates this problem, and you will need very few accessories to get the job done. You will also be able to alter the spigot's position from time to time if necessary by loosening the bolts or simply removing them and putting them back in place, thus eliminating the need to twist and turn the screw in and out numerous times to make adjustments. All in all, this unique brewing tool is not only convenient, but also a time saver and a money saver.

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